Are you interested:

- in hosting a SPACEBAR as part of your event??

- in doing a mobile SPACEBAR yourself??

- in offering our SPACEDRINKS in your establishment??

If you want to enrich your event with a SPACEBAR, we’d love to come to you with one of our mobile teams. Naturally, we would customize the choice of drinks individually to your event. If you want to work with your own staff , we would deliver all the ingredients you would need to set up a SPACEBAR. For big Open-Air Events, one can book our SPACEBAR Dome, which has 70 square meters ground space.

Would you and your team also like to join the SPACEBAR Business??? If so, we would love to equip you with all the ingredients for the SPACEDRINKS as well as supplying you with extensive accessories like SPACEBAR cups, flags, SPACEBOX, drink menus, straws, shot-glasses, bottle spouts and so forth - anything you may need to run a SPACEBAR.

Do you feel like offering the unique and exclusive SPACEDRINKS in your bar /club?? Then please feel free to contact us and let us inform you in detail.

We recommend contacting us in regards to further details on the phone +49 (0) 30 25565279 or by email: .

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