In the beginning of the 90’s, the Sensatonics team developed the SPACEBAR to offer the upcoming rave and club culture, herbal alternatives to alcohol or chemical stimulants.

At the SPACEBAR, the available SPACEDRINKS contain stimulating Herbal Tonics which are being mixed with juices, lemonades, limes and ice to create tasty longdrinks and cocktails. They can also be mixed in margaritas, for an extra kick.

Whether you’re vitalizing, energizing, heart-opening, hip-loosening, or simply increasing the overall joy of living - at the SPACEBAR, we offer a drink for every occasion and mood.

SPACEDRINKS provide gentle herbal stimulation and increase quality of experience – without unwanted side-effects.

Therefore, the SPACEBAR creates a special euphoric, sensual party mood which makes the event an unforgettable experience.

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